As a passionate maternity photographer in the charming South Brisbane Bayside area, I am always excited by the beauty that surrounds pregnant Mammas here. Our picturesque location offers an idyllic backdrop to celebrate the joy of pregnancy, creating timeless memories in nature. I will explore South Brisbane bayside's most scenic locations for maternity photoshoots. The essence of motherhood intertwines harmoniously with the beauty of our coastal landscape.

Wellington Point: Coastal Tranquility for Maternal Radiance

Wellington Point, with its gentle waves and iconic jetty, is a coastal gem that exudes charm. Our maternity photoshoot amidst this picturesque waterfront will embrace the glow of motherhood as you bask in the soft sea breeze. The stunning backdrop of the Redcliffe Peninsula adds a touch of dreaminess, allowing us to capture the joyous anticipation of motherhood amidst the calming embrace of the bay.

Wellington point maternity photographer, pregnant sunset shot
Sunset beach maternity photos

Raby Bay: Sunset Silhouettes of Motherly Love

With its sweeping coastal views and magical sunsets, sets the stage for capturing breathtaking silhouettes of motherly love. As the sun dips below the horizon, we'll create stunning images that celebrate the profound bond between mother and child. The vastness of the bay will symbolize the boundless love you have for your growing family.

Silhouette sunset shot of family maternity photogrphy
Baby bay maternity family photo

Cleveland Point Park: A Historic Seaside Escape

Cleveland Point Park, provides a delightful setting for a timeless maternity photoshoot. This location's iconic lighthouse and blue horizon create a beautiful backdrop for celebrating the beauty of expectant mothers. With the rhythmic sound of waves and the gentle touch of the sea breeze, we'll capture images that radiate the grace and serenity of motherhood.

Wynnum Foreshore: Nostalgia and Coastal Playfulness

The Wynnum foreshore, invokes a sense of nostalgia and coastal playfulness. This charming spot along the bayside offers a perfect setting for capturing candid and joyful moments as you embrace the excitement of impending motherhood. The vibrant colours and carefree atmosphere will add a touch of whimsy to your maternity photos, creating images that celebrate both love and laughter.

Wynnum maternity playful family photo
Wynnum maternity playful family photo


Nestled in the heart of South Brisbane bayside's coastal charm, we have the privilege of celebrating the beauty of motherhood amidst serene and picturesque locations. Whether at Wellington Point Reserve, Raby Bay Foreshore Park, Cleveland Point Park, Wynnum Wading Pool, or the Redland Bay Foreshore, each site adds a touch of enchantment to your maternity photoshoot.

Let's embark on this magical photographic journey together, capturing the essence of your pregnancy amidst the serenity of South Brisbane bayside. Contact Bernie Rose Photos to schedule your maternity photoshoot at one of these scenic locations, and together, we'll preserve the joy, love, and serenity of this extraordinary chapter in your life. Check out my portfolio for more inspiration!!

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